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About Plum Creek Collectibles

Tammy DeYoung of Plum Creek CollectiblesTake a peek at the balloons below and you'll see I've had my finger in alot of pies over the years! (I love PIE, too!) 

In a pie-shell, (ha ha!)  I'm a Texas gal (can I get a Yee-Haw!)  and live a pretty simple life.

I am married to an incredibly patient man,  I'm a Mom of two wonderful, super talented college kids, and I have adopted two hilarious boxer dogs! ALL of them have done their share of stuffing dolls, folding patterns, assembling kits, and putting up with my mess.  THANKS, FAMILY!

The most imporant thing I've learned in life is that Jesus Christ loves me and saved me!  Everything else is icing on the cake -- er-- PIE!

I have a hard time writing "about" pages so that's probably enough for now. If  you want more  "scoop" of how my business started, scroll down to read the rest of my story.

You can also click through the balloons to visit my other pages! 

Thank you for exploring my site and shop! I hope you find some fun projects to make you smile!!

I always like to hear from you, so feel free to comment on my Plum Creek Facebook page or pin your projects to my Pinterest Board!

Happy Sewing!


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The rest of my story..........

Plum Creek Collectibles started MANY years ago when I sold some hand-made items at a community quilt show in southern California. It was so fun! I started giving home parties with my designs and exhibited at many local craft shows.   I couldn't sew fast enough to fill all the orders and since many ladies kept asking me for my patterns, I decided to give publishing a try (which turned out to be a GREAT idea!)

About the name:  Since most of my designs were "country-style", I picked a name from a book by my favorite prairie-life author, Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Along the way, the hand-drawn doodles I included in my first pattern book caught the attention of Jackie, who was starting a rubber stamp company, Inky Antics.   We had no idea that a move to Texas and 20 years later we would still be a great team!

Then, there came my digital art adventure....  One day I got a call from Lori, a fellow fabric designer, who saw some of my patterns and thought they would make great clip art for a Provo-craft company!  With her help, I learned how to water color and taught myself Photoshop (thanks to Cindy, Stacey and Lynnie!).  I'm still designing digital scrapbooking art today for my company SongInMyHeart Studio aka Tammy DeYoung Designs!

I've been on so many adventures since my early days in California.  I've made so many great friends along the way!  I've been blessed with many opportunities from fabric designing to working with McCall's, Better Homes & Gardens and to having my products sold by independent quilt shops and big retailers, too.  I'm so thankful to all the people who helped me and encouraged me--if I tried to list them all, I would forget someone and feel bad, so know that I appreciate you so much!  

But the real joy for me has always been to create fun products that come from my heart and make people smile!

So, that's the "official" scoop!  Wish it was a real scoop of ice cream for real pie! (Did I mention how much I like pie?)

Check out my blog for more photos and stories!